WIARM is a band.
For Willy and Armin it is a declaration of love to music and the passion to create something, that might be simple acoustic guitar sounds or overdriven synthesizers.
Actually it is only about the will to play, to listen to something that has influences from musician friends and also from their favourite bands. The music and the making of the music is a beautiful and carefree time. This feeling floats always along while listening to WIARM.
2006, at the very beginning of the band, the music was reduced to a minimum intantionaly. The description on their myspace site had to force that ironically: “sounds like: a g c e”. Not in defiance but rather to glorify simplicity. Tocotronic, symbolism, guitar & voice have been overcome. Mainly the symbolizing part.
WIARM now stands for that what the band is doing in this very moment, and that is the attempt to make music with no limits.

Melancholic songs with a comfortable feeling to travel passing by on Beirut, Portugal.The Man, Deus, Yann Tiersen and Radiohead. This is WIARM today. (by LaGrind Noire)

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